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Tis the season to... stay inside?

After deer season, Big Oaks goes into hibernation mode - at least in terms of outside work. So, to keep ourselves busy, Ethan and I (Audrey) have been doing some math! We've collected all of the data from this year's hunt and calculated the success rates of each hunt category: Archery and Firearm (which includes Youth). We will be making a separate sheet for Primitive season once we go through all the data. These numbers will be added to the "Deer Harvest Success in Archery/Firearm Season". We've also looked at previous years of deer hunts and done some more calculations with those.

Although outside work is limited, Ethan and I have some activities to do outside. We are continuing to do boundary posting throughout the refuge. Hopefully, hunters did not have any trouble with finding their units. Physical maps and the Avenza map are also very good resources to use when in the refuge. Even in public use areas. Let me say that boundary posting is A LOT easier when all the leaves are down and the perimeters have been mowed. We were trekking through thorns when we first started out! Well, sometimes we still are, but not as much. We've also weed whacked around one of our crawfish frog ponds to get ready for the spring research season.

We'll be passing the Indiana Pesticide Applicator Core Exam next week and the week after. Fingers crossed! Having this certification will allow us to apply pesticides on the refuge.

Yesterday, we went out to find some bird survey areas to get ready for the Christmas bird count. If you are interested in participating in the bird count, please refer to one of our recent FB posts or the pdf a the bottom of this page on our website:

On our way back, we caught a glimpse of two otters and a bald eagle! Even though there is wildlife on the refuge, getting a glimpse of some animals is not easy. These creatures are very good at avoiding people or hiding from us if we walk by. A lot of areas in the refuge are inaccessible to staff and interns, some animals we just don't see!

Here are pictures of a bobcat, a coyote and a turkey for you from cameras located on the refuge that have ben approved by staff members to be there. Remember we want to see your pictures too! Go to this link to have your pictures posted on FB:


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