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What is a Friends Group?

A Friends Group is a non-profit organization chartered by a written partnership agreement between the group and the entity or organization it supports.

Our Story

Rick Collier, the first Big Oaks Conservation Society president, writes about how Big Oaks NWR friends group was created in the Fall of 2002. Our very first Newsletter of Big Oaks was written in 2003 and are co written by BONWR and BOCS. The newsletter was discontinued in 2015.

Big Oaks Newsletter about friends group

While board members have come and gone, Kirsten Carlson has been the BOCS Secretary and Business Manager from the very start. She is still active today and a crucial part of BOCS. But being a board member has also been passed down from generation to generation; John Leveille was among the first board members; his son James Leveille III is the current Treasurer. 

*Please note: the email is no longer correct and the newsletter was discontinued.

Why Join Us?


Please click here if you are interested in becoming a member.

Please click here if you are interested in volunteering or doing an internship. 

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