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mushroom big oaks


The Big Oaks Conservation Society wants to hear about your experience at Big Oaks! If you would like to share your pictures of the refuge with us, please fill out the release form titled "Agreement for Use of Likeness in Audio/Visual Products" attached above and send a signed picture of it (along with the pictures) to Big Oaks Conservation Society through Facebook Messenger or by Fax: (812) 273 - 0786. Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, we will post your picture (credit will be given to the photographer unless they want to stay anonymous) on the BOCS Facebook page and Instagram. Please include a small narrative and the year the picture(s) was (were) taken in. 


We appreciate your participation and look forward to reading your stories! 

bobcat big oaks wildlife indiana
golden ealge big oaks wildlife indiana

©Ron Austing

blue-winged warbler bird big oaks
Northern harrier big oaks wildife indiana
monarch butterfly big oaks wildlife

©Ron Austing

©Ron Austing

snapping turtle wildlife big oaks indiana
saw whet owl raptor big oaks wildlife
eastern-tail butterfly wildlife big oaks
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