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Not all blogs can be easy can they… Where's the fun in that?!

For the people who like math, this one's for you!


For the past 7 weeks, Big Oaks has welcomed hunters onto the refuge for deer hunting season. The law requires us to keep records of the number of deer harvested. The data collected also helps the refuge with research: we want to know if the deer populations are stable, overpopulated or underpopulated. But these numbers are frequently the answers to the questions hunters like to ask us: How many deer were harvested this weekend? How many total?

So let's get them those numbers, shall we?

The number of deer harvested so far is:

Weekend #1 Archery: 27

Weekend #2 Archery: 14

Weekend Primitive: 16

Youth hunt: 20

1-Day firearm #1: 27

1-Day firearm #2: 57

1-Day firearm #3: 58


  1. How many deer were harvested over the course of these past 7 week-end?

  2. What percentage of deer were harvested on the 1-Day firearms?

  3. What percentage of deer were harvested on the weekend archery hunts?

  4. How many more/less deer did the firearm weekend have to the archery hunt?

  5. Any other fun data you can find?

We get a lot of questions about bucks as well. If you enjoyed this blog, we can have another math problem with bucks this time. We just require at least 25 likes on this FB post. You decide!

Happy counting 😁

Math is fun! It's hard sometimes… but it's also a lot of fun!

Hunting season is not over yet! We have a two day hunt weekend this weekend (Nov. 12th - Nov. 13th) and the last hunt next week (Nov. 19th and Nov. 20th).

Big Oaks had its first snow this Saturday (Nov.12th)! We love snow! At least I (Audrey) do! We got some pictures for you! If you are a hunter who hunted on November 12th, we would love to post your pictures of the refuge on our FB page! Send your pictures to us via messenger with a picture of a signed release form found here: You can also fax the release form: 812 - 273 - 0786.

We collected more seeds this past Thursday: narrow leaf sunflower and swamp milkweed. These seeds will be spread in other parts of the refuge come another time of year. See collection helps the refuge maintain ecosystems and create new patches of certain type of plant in areas they were not previously in.

Pictures taken by Big Oaks staff member


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