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Mushroom Hunting

Today we had the opportunity to go mushroom hunting around Big Oaks. It was my first time really going mushroom hunting, and I'm pleased to say it was a success! We found over 30 mushrooms! All yellow morels. When we started, I feared we wouldn't find more than a handful. Everyone had been saying it just wasn't a good year for mushrooms, because winter didn't want to say goodbye. Luckily for us, everyone else just weren't looking in the right spots. Not only did we find an abundance of mushrooms, but I found the largest mushroom of the season! I had such a good time mushroom hunting, it was such a rush finding a morel hidden among the forest leaf litter. Big Oaks has made a mushroom hunter out of me! And true to form a good mushroom hunter never reveals their hunting location. You'll just have to come and find a spot for yourself!

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