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Youth Turkey Hunt Workshop

We had quite the turn out for the Youth Turkey Hunt Workshop, 40+ youth turned out for the event. Carl Drake from Real Tree kicked off the workshop by giving the kids basic knowledge on turkey calls and behavior. Mr. Drake showed everyone how to use all your basic calls from mouth calls to box calls to slate calls. He let us know what different calls from a turkey means, if they're spooked or ready to make. Mr. Drake ended his presentation with a short video showing how a turkey will respond to a call and decoys. Following Mr. Drake, all attendees watched the mandatory briefing video by Big Oaks NWR. Conservation Officer Josh Thomas gave all the kids a safety presentation, reminding everyone how to handle firearms in a safe manner. I was pleased to see how many younger kids knew the answers to Officer Thomas' safety questions. After the presentation, attendees had the opportunity to practice shooting at our Hover Archery booth. All-in-all the day was fun and informative!

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