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Something old and something new

Tadpoles are growing, eating, swimming, and escaping the cages that are supposed to protect them! They are so small that they can squeeze through any hole that was not fully mended. We checked all of them for holes before placing them in the ponds, but sometimes holes just come back mysteriously.

Have you heard of Spirulina? It is a blue green algae that is very rich in protein and vitamins! While it grows naturally in bodies of water, it is also produced for consumption. It has become a popular ingredient people put it in their smoothies or other drinks to get some extra nutrients in their diet. And guess what? Tadpoles love it too! When we check the cages every week, we add a few tablets. They dissolve in the water which provides nutrients for the tadpoles to eat, this helps them grow bigger and stronger, that way they have a better chance of surviving once we release them back into the ponds as they start to metamorph.

The first turkey has been harvested! Congratulations to our youth hunter! A two year old male: spur length: 17mm, beard: 8 inches, and weight: 19.8 lb. No, we are not going to tell you which unit it was in. How about you take a guess? We’ll give you a hint. It was on the east side.

Another turkey was also harvested, this time on the west side. What unit do you think?

Turkey hunting season continues with “x” amount of turkeys harvested April 26th, April 27th, and April 28th. Still not telling you how many are being harvested! Take an educated guess!

Stay turned for the final count! It will be on our last blog post.

green circular tablets in a bucket
Spirulina tablets

yellow flowers in grass

patch of yellow flowers
Yellow Rocket


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