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Smile, you're on camera!

Look what we found!

Snapping turtle x 3

One of our egg masses went missing, I wonder where - Hey! You over there! What do you think you are doing, making sure that you grow/stay strong and healthy?

I’m sorry little fellow, but this pond is home to endangered frogs and we need to help them get back to stable population levels. We hope you enjoy your new home in this new pond brought to you by beavers!

Kirtland’s snakes x 7

Goodness a snake! Oh but it’s you! Aww you got stuck in the bucket. But wait, you seem long enough to be able to get out on your own. Oh well, let me help you get out and get to the pond. The drift fence is supposed to be for the crawfish frogs, but we sometimes do get bycatch… You are very cute, we apologize for the inconvenience

Eastern box turtle x1

Why did the turtle cross the road? To get to the other side! Let me help you off the road. You are heading east, east you shall go! Take cover little fellow! A storm is coming!


That is the biggest crayfish claw I have - Oh, it’s just an explosive. Oopsie!

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12 de abr. de 2023
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We know that dive watch… but maman demande est-ce que c’est un nouveau vetement?

14 de abr. de 2023
Respondendo a

I know who this is! Hello! Yes, it's a new rain coat I got for free.


10 de abr. de 2023
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Funny post...Don't step on the UXB!!!

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