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Welcome to the Big Oaks Conservation Society website

Refuge Hours:

Open for Public Use: 7am-4:30 pm Mondays and Fridays through November 17th


Thank you to the USFWS Retirees Association for their grant funding of the Junior Refuge Manager Program!

Upcoming events:  Check press releases below for more information!

1. Ripley County Community Foundation annual day of giving- Nov. 3

2. Members Christmas gathering at Old Timbers Lodge- Dec. 9

Big Oaks Conservation Society Event Calendar 2023

Press Releases for Public Events:

Preregister for the annual Christmas Bird Count at the Refuge, open to all regardless of skill level. Click on the image for more information.

Big Oaks Christmas Party Invite.png

This event is member-only, so one person in your party must be a member. A membership renewal form is available on the home page. Payment must be received by December 1 to confirm with the caterer. If you would like to attend, fill out the form linked below.

This website is dedicated to all the folks, Native American, Pioneer, Government Employees, and civilians who have, at various times, occupied and contributed to what has now become Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge.

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