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Youth Hunts at Big Oaks NWR

2018 Turkey Youth Hunt Workshop

Each year BOCS and Refuge staff host a wild turkey (spring) and a white-tailed deer (fall) youth hunt workshop and youth hunt. These are a unique opportunity to involve the next generation in the role hunting plays in wildlife conservation. 

Our Youth Deer Hunt is the largest in the Nation!

During the workshop, families are invited to learn about turkey and white-tail deer hunting. There will be presenters, information about safety taught by conservation officers, and prizes!

The turkey youth hunt will follow the workshop on the next Sunday.

Additionally, wild turkey hunters can put in a lottery to be drawn for hunts on the refuge through the state in addition to a local drawing for two weekends in May. Please contact the refuge office or the refuge website for more information. 

The white-tail deer hunt will be the following morning. 

If interested, please maili in your name and address to the refuge office by these dates: 

Turkey workshop and hunt: October 1st
White-tail deer workshop and hunt: April 1st

There are dates for archery, primitive (muzzleloader) and gun hunts on the refuge. Hunters must be drawn through the state for these hunts. There will also be a no-show drawing every hunt morning. 

Refer to specific refuge regulations for more information. Contact the refuge office or website for updates and additional information. 

All hunters must view the refuge safety briefing prior to access to the refuge. Hunt permits must be purchased at the refuge office for $20. These permits are valid throughout the year. Hunt fees are reduced by half for holders of an inter-agency access/senior pass, and the fee is waived for ages 15 and younger.  View the Rules and Regulations page for more information regarding hunting at Big Oaks Refuge.

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