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The Visitor's Center

Perhaps the most ambitious project on the entire Big Oaks Conservation Society menu is

the development of a visitor's center for Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge.

Although the visitor's center will be an entity funded by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, BOCS will have a considerable influence and input into the appearance and visitor amenities of the project. It is our hope that it will provide ease of access to the Refuge, adequate parking, interpretive and educational space, conference area, and bookstore.

Although presently the Refuge Reception Center is a long-term goal for both Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge and Big Oaks Conservation Society, initial steps have been taken to set the stage for the project to come to fruition:


The US Army and the USFWS have identified 151 acres of land near the junction of US 421 and Old Michigan Road, which is being cleared of unexploded ordnance, thus allowing site preparation and construction at this location on the refuge to begin when the Reception Center is approved and funded.


The visitor's center is a stated priority in the Comprehensive Conservation Plan of Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge; BOCS and Big Oaks NWR are collaborating on the plans for the center's design and uses; Big Oaks Conservation Society is identifying potential donors and co-sponsors for fund-raising and project development to be approached at the appropriate time.

Currently, BOCS is looking for members to join a committee that will initiate and oversee the actions and goals of building a visitor center. If you are interested in joining, visit the Contact Us section of our website! 

Stay tuned to this section of our website as this very exciting and ambitious project develops, and the dream of a visitor's center is fulfilled.

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