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Roadside Pollinator Restoration Project

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A new research project has begun at Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge! Across the globe pollinators are on the decline and their habitats are going with them.  One way to bring back pollinators is through habitat restorations. These restorations have a variety of “cookbooks” for success. The goal of our project at Big Oaks is to identify how to maintain these restorations.

A particular area of interest is in roadside habitat restoration. It is estimated that more than 10 million acres of roadside exist in the U.S alone. By understanding how to manage, enhance, restore and maintain these roadsides, a new opportunity may be available for pollinator habitat. 

Over the course of multiple years, Big Oaks will be examining the effects of fire, mowing, disking and herbicide on the maintenance of roadside pollinator habitat. The goal is to identify best management techniques to improve the diversity, abundance and vigor of these habitats.

Check out our blog to learn more about pollinator restoration!

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