Our Esteemed Board Members

Gary Maas 


Gary Maas, President- Gary is the latest addition to the board. A retired businessman, Gary has been active on the Refuge, particularly with projects involving Boy Scouts, particularly the Explorer program. Gary has co-ordinated previous Youth Deer Hunt workshops, and has helped BOCS collaborate with the Refuge for Youth Turkey Hunts. Gary Maas can be contacted at gmaas@mail.com.

Gary Stegner

Vice- President

Gary Stegner, Vice-President- Gary has served several terms on the board since the inception of BOCS, and has previously served as vice-president during Jim Leveille's term as president. Gary has extensive experience in conservation an public relations, and grant preparation. He is a knowledgeable and passionate birder.

Yvette Hayes

Secretary/ Business Manager

Yvette Hayes, Secretary/Business Manager- Yvette co-manages the merchandise section of BOCS with board member Ellen Mulford. Yvette is retired, having served as Site Manager for the Jefferson Proving Grounds for many years. Yvette lives in Bedford, KY. She maintains the membership list, and should be contacted by anyone wishing to become a BOCS member at pyles_lane@yahoo.com

Ellen Mulford


Ellen Mulford, Treasurer- Ellen is a retired schoolteacher and has been very active in conservation education both before and after her retirement. She and her husband, Dr. Robert Mulford have restored the Mulford family farm in Ripley County from agriculture use to natural wildlife habitat; she has been active in developing pollinator programs for Monarch Butterfly habitat. Ellen co-manages our merchandise with Yvette Hayes. Ellen can be contacted at eomulford@hotmail.com.

Dr. Joe Robb

Exec. Secretary & Project Manager

The Executive Committee of Big Oaks Conservation Society is composed of the four officers of the board of directors, and Executive Secretary Dr. Joe Robb, Project Manager of the Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge/Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge Complex.

David Bear 


Dave is a long-time friend of Big Oaks, and has served several terms on the board. Dave is Chairman of the Old Timbers Lodge Committee and Oakdale School Project. His guidance and expertise in construction have been invaluable in improving Old Timber Lodge and developing other projects on the refuge. Dave is an avid fisherman.

George Terlinden


George has served several terms on the board, including several terms President in the early years of BOCS. His long-term experience and "corporate knowledge" of BOCS has been invaluable in guiding us into the present.  George is an avid birder, and can often be found leading birding tours on Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge with board vice-president Gary Stegner.