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Hiking is available in public use areas, which are open only on public use days.


A few developed trails do exist and visitors are welcome to use them or walk the gravel roads  in the day use area. There are copious opportunities for nature observation and photography despite the limited access to certain area of the Refuge. Wildlife is abundant throughout the refuge. 

In addition to our wildlife, there is a large variety of beautiful plants. The public use area of the refuge is filled with mature hardwood forest as well as tracts of younger-aged stands. In the prairie portion of the refuge, you will find an incredible assortment of wildflowers. Bidens, milkweed, boneset, mountain mint, and other wildflowers provide a beautiful landscape of color and an enticing fragrant atmosphere. These flowers peak in late summer to the early fall. They provide habitat for Monarch Butterflies and other beautiful insects. 

Pets must be kept on a leash. Camping, fires, and swimming are prohibited. Off-road vehicles are not permitted on the Refuge.

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