Fishing is permitted on Old Timbers Lake in the public access areas on public use days. Boats are permitted on the lake, however motors are limited to electric trolling motors only. There is a 30 boat limit on the lake, with access being on a first-come first-served basis. The limit applies to all boats, whether fishing or not; canoes and kayaks are permitted.


Panfish and bass are abound in the 150 acres of the lake.


All state fishing regulations apply, in addition any bass 12-15" must be put back in the lake. A fishing brochure is available at the Refuge office.


Many BOCS members are among the most avid fishermen on Old Timbers Lake. Fish fries, utilizing fish caught in Old Timbers Lake, are a favorite activity of Big Oaks Members. Friends of Big Oaks also co-sponsors Take a Kid Fishing Day, our effort to promote fishing as a sport and outdoor experience to the youth of our area.